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This is the latest version which has updated on 2018-11-08 at CodeCanyon and developed by DigitalBuilder. Now you can Download WPAchievements – WordPress Achievements Plugin from the downloads list below, Or generate a new download link.


WPAchievements is a powerful WordPress Achievements, Quests & Ranks Plugins. It is a perfect extension for your WordPress powered website to improve your user’s experiences and increase user interactivity. With WPAchievements you can create and manage user achievements, quests and ranks with ease. WordPress Gamification has never been so easy!

Let’s take a look at the features that WPAchievements (WordPress Gamification Plugin) provides:

Unlimited Achievements & Quests

You can create as many Achievements & Quests for your users as you want, the only limitation is your imagination! A set of images for achievements and quests is already included so you can start immediately.


For each achievement you can set a trigger, limit it to a rank and choose if it is recurring. Recurring means that this achievement can be achievement multiple times.

Social Sharing

Whenever a user gains a new achievement they have the ability to share that achievement via Facebook and/or Twitter! This is optional and can be deactivated.

Achievement & Quest Rewards

A very nice pop up notification will inform a user when he unlocks an achievement or solve a quest.

Rstrict Content – Lock away premium content!

WPAchievements gives you the ability to lock entire content or parts of posts and pages so that only users that have gain a special achievement, solved a defined quest or reached the needed rank will be able to see them.

User and Point Management

The site administrator is able to manage the user points and achievement easily by using the WordPress user backend function. You are able to check and adjust the user points, achievements and quests.

Multisite / Network Management

WPAchievement allows you to create global Achievements and Quests across your Multisite installation. For example you can award users for reading a specific post/page on a specific blog. You can also create quests like: Visit a specific post on the first blog then login into the second blog and visit a page on a third blog.

Additionally you can create global achievements like vist a blog post on any blog to get an achievement.

Automated Plugin Updates

Nowadays it is very important to keep your WordPress site and plugins updated. Every day new security fixes are released and it takes a lot of work to keep all plugins up to date manually. This will allow you to update the plugin comfortable from the WordPress backend. Just enter your CodeCanyon purchase code in the plugin options and enable the power of the new update function.

WPAchievements Key Features

  • Add Achievements & Quests to your website for a wide range of activities
  • Reward users with points when they gain Achievements & Quests
  • Restrict content by gained achievements, solved quests or user ranks
  • Responsive Custom Achievements Page
  • Publish to a user’s BuddyPress stream when they gain Achievements & Quests
  • Achievements & Quests can be shared to users Facebook and Twitter
  • Add and Manage Ranks to your website


Latest Release Changelogs

v8.12.2 - 2018-11-07
  - New: BuddyPress - Recurring points for activities
  - Fix: WooCommerce - Assigning Points to wrong customer
  - Fix: Adjustments on the Admin Bar
  - Fix: MyCRED - Points awarded twice for Achievements


Demo: WPAchievements – WordPress Achievements Plugin

 Live Demo Preview


Note: You can Free Download WPAchievements – WordPress Achievements Plugin Nulled from the downloads list below. We share these files under the terms of GPL (GNU General Public License) that provides premium plugins for testing purpose only. So you should never use it for commercial purpose. We promote WordPress and scripts to the users globally that you can check it before buying plugin from the original developer.

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